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Don't Sign the Lease!

Mar 26, 2020

Is base rent for commercial real estate contracts due given the coronavirus crisis and government mandatory stay in place restrictions?  Is Force Majeure a get out of rent payment escape card?  Are there any other commercial lease provisions that tenants can turn to for rent relief?

In today's podcast, attorney Eric Coffman joins Jorge Morales to review tenant options and specific covenants in typical commercial leases involving payment of rent.  Lease provisions discussed include:  Force Majeure, Quiet Enjoyment, Interruption of Services and Eminent Domain.

Tune in and hear from an expert attorney in contract law.  Eric Coffman can be reached at  

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Jorge Morales is President of Blue Box Real Estate, a South Florida commercial real estate firm that specializes in Landlord Advisory Services and Tenant Advisory Services.  Please visit

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