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Don't Sign the Lease!

Apr 22, 2022

Florida and Disney are atop every headline with the Florida legislatures recent vote to strip Disney of their special tax incentives and self-governing provisions after Disney failed to "stay in their lane".  But are we asking the right questions:  is it right for government to give special tax provisions and regulations to big corporations and not to every corporation?  Why can't all the private sector self-govern- after all, Disney proved over the last 60 years that this can be done. 

Government and the private sector intersect in today's podcast.

UK landlords push to force or "compel" landlords to lease retail spaces.  New federal emissions and carbon reduction regulations to kick in as of 2025 for office building owners. 

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To further explore today's Bible reading on the healing of the Leper by Jesus, you are welcomed to listen to a sermon by Jorge Morales at the following link: