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Don't Sign the Lease!

Aug 25, 2018

What are ways property owners can reduce operating expenses?  What protections against increases in operating expenses can tenants ask for in the lease? 

In Episode 012 of the Don't Sign the Lease Podcast, author and business owner Jorge Morales continues a discussion on Operating Expenses with Tony Moonen, RPA FMA of Triple T Property Management.  Tony has an extensive resume in property management with several key national property owners as current and past clients.  

Below find Tony's contact information:

Tony Moonen, RPA, FMA

Triple T Management Group, LLC

Tel (954) 649-8773


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Jorge Morales is President of Blue Box Real Estate, LLC ( a growing South Florida commercial real estate firm that exists to empower business owners to make the best informed decision regarding their real estate.  To contact Blue Box Real Estate, please send us an email at Or connect directly with Jorge at:

Jorge L. Morales

Blue Box Real Estate, LLC

Tel (305) 562-2354

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