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Don't Sign the Lease!

Nov 29, 2017

Episode 004 - In today's podcast, host Jorge L. Morales interviews Don Sheffy of The Tyler Agency to review a standard insurance provision in a commercial lease agreement. 

Learn why property owners require the coverage and how different aspects of the insurance provision may raise the cost of your insurance policy.  Many business owners wait until after a deal is negotiated and agreed to before determining the cost of the required insurance provision.  Tune in to learn how the insurance provision translates to the dollars your business will need to spend. 

Don Sheffy can be reached at and  Call Don at (954) 874-3565. 

Jorge L. Morale is founder of Blue Box Real Estate, LLC (, a S. Florida commercial real estate firm that exists to empower business owners to make the best informed decision regarding their real estate.  

Jorge is also author of the commercial real estate book, Don't Sign the Lease! The Tale of a Triumphant Business Owner.  Visit Jorge's author page on Amazon at: to learn more about the book which is available in print and ebook.

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