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Don't Sign the Lease!

Mar 15, 2019

Before you sign a Non-Compete or Non-Solicit Agreement, listen to todays podcast Episode 019 Part One of an interview with attorney Will Cantrell.

Have you been asked to sign a Non-Compete Agreement?  How about a Non-Solicit Agreement?  What's the difference between the two and what exactly are you agreeing to?  If you accepted employment without a restrictive covenant, can you be required to accept one or lose your employment?

In today's podcast, author and commercial real estate veteran Jorge Morales of Blue Box Real Estate, interviews attorney Will Cantrell of Cantrell, PLLC in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida. Cantrell, PLLC is a premier business litigation law firm focusing on competitive disputes, employment law and deceptive business practices. 

Take a deeper dive into the ramifications and requirements of a Non-Compete / Non-Solicit Agreement in todays show.

To contact Will Cantrell, please visit or call (813) 867-0115.

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