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Don't Sign the Lease!

May 15, 2019

In today's episode, author, podcaster and commercial real estate veteran Jorge Morales reverses roles and is interviewed by Liz Soria on the Tax Advisor & Biz Coach Success Podcast.  The topic at hand is commercial real estate tips.

Liz Soria is principal at Express Tax & Bookkeeping Services.  She also host the Tax Advisor & Biz Coach Success Podcast which recently hosted Jorge Morales as a guest.  The audio of the interview was kindly offered by Liz for this Episode 021 of the Don't Sign the Lease Podcast

Tune in and find out more about Jorge Morales' background and learn some practical words that can help your business succeed with its commercial real estate.

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Jorge Morales is President of Blue Box Real Estate, a South Florida commercial real estate firm that specializes in Landlord Advisory Services and Tenant Advisory Services.  Please visit

Blue Box Real Estate, LLC is  Lic. Real Estate Broker.